Mulched north fiield

Winter work

Winter is a busy time around the farm. Any sunny day is an opportunity to get out and work. Or current task is to mulch the fields. WE put 2 to 4 inches of mulch across the whole field to help prevent mummy berry and to retain moisture in the summer.

Settling in for Winter

The bushes are beautiful and the sawdust is piled up for mulching. Fall brings some quiet time for harvesting from our garden and apple trees. Soon we will be busy with the pruning and mulching.

ripe blueberries

Blueberries ripen again!

Make an appointment to come to the farm and pick. It looks like the berries will be ripe into September. Give us a call at 360-928-0257 to schedule a time to pick. A special thanks to Amber for the beautiful painted stones.

Prepare for your visit

PLEASE Wear your mask while checking in/out Stay with your group or family maintaining 6’ distancing from others If you want to pick in another area please check with us Be respectful of the plants Be kind to those around you Children must be with their parents while here Wear shoes Walk carefully in theContinue reading “Prepare for your visit”

Still Good Picking

There will probably be blueberries to pick until the end of August. Give us a call at 360-928-0257 to make an appointment. bbfheaton

Blueberry cluster

The Season has begun!

It’s time to enjoy some of that August sun. Here on the farm blueberry picking has begun! We are scheduling people to come pick. Mostly we are open from around 10:30 AM until early evening but if we aren’t … well that is why we allow picking by appointment. Give us a call or sendContinue reading “The Season has begun!”

Almost time to open

By early July the rows are loaded with berries some starting the color changes that will lead to thousands and thousands of ripe blueberries somewhere between mid July and early August. Much of our farm work is getting things set up so picking can begin. That has been more challenging because of the need toContinue reading “Almost time to open”


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