Spring 2023

We are pretty excited and hopeful this season. The berry bushes look very lush and healthy with lots of blooms that are already turning into budding berries. And, the bumble bees are back !

No public picking this year

We will not be open for public blueberry picking this year. On Sunday August 7th we walked through the field and there are almost no ripe berries. Most of the crop has been lost to the Mummyberry fungus.

2022 has arrived

It’s a new year, 2022 has arrived and the blueberry plants are covered in snow. A great time to sit by the fire, look out the window, and admire the vibrant red hue of the blueberry plants. We are looking forward to a wonderful 2022 season and wish you all the best. Stay safe and…


Welcome to the 2021 blueberry season!  Blueberry Haven Farm is scheduling people for picking blueberries.  Picking is by appointment only. 

Getting Ready

The Blueberry Haven Farm Crew is getting the final pieces in place for opening.

2021 Season

Blueberry Haven Farm’s 2021 Season is getting close. We are starting to see ripe blueberries in the fields. We are expecting our season to start around the last week of July or first week of August.

Winter work

Winter is a busy time around the farm. Any sunny day is an opportunity to get out and work. Or current task is to mulch the fields. We put 2 to 4 inches of mulch across the whole field to help prevent mummy berry and to retain moisture in the summer.


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