Blueberry Haven Farm was established about 3 miles west of Joyce, WA. in the late 1970s. Gary and Debbie Heaton became the fourth owners of the farm in 1999. With the help of our son Daniel, we began blueberry farming in May of that year and have continued to operate the farm since then. This farm is our home and at times one or all three of our children have lived here and helped us with the farm. It is a family farm worked and cared for by family and friends.

We have about 800 plants and sell the berries primarily as U-pick blueberries. There are at least a half dozen varieties of blueberry plants on the farm which provide berries with different flavors during the approximately 6 week season. The berries now usually ripen mid to late July and last into late August or early September.

We do not use any pesticides, fungicides or herbicides on or in the fields. We have a drip irrigation and we use somewhere around 450 cubic yards of alder sawdust as a mulch over the fields almost every year.  

So that people can enjoy the beauty and quietness of the farm, as well as the delicious blueberries, we are open by appointment only. Please check out our website to find out more about the farm or give us a call at 360-928-0257.

We look forward to seeing you!

Gary Heaton

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