Slow Start to the 2022 season

It is mid-July and summer has finally arrived on the Olympic Peninsula. With one of the coldest and wettest springs and early summers on record, the bumble bees had been in hiding and the blossoms on the blueberry plants were delayed. Happily, it is beginning to change and there is hope in the air as can be seen by this happy fellow enjoying one of the blueberry blossoms earlier this spring.

The berries are now on the bushes, but we anticipate a late opening to be around mid-August.

We will keep you all appraised as to when you can make your appointment to come and pick blueberries. Stay tuned to our website and listen to updates on our voicemail at (360-928-0257)

We have been very busy making some changes on Blueberry Haven Farm. We have installed a new irrigation system that was in sore need of updating. We will have new markers set up for pickers to find their rows this year as well. Our thanks to Sanford Irrigation and their hard work!

We still have piles of sawdust to spread across the fields, but it is finally dry enough to finish the mulching. Happily, at least for us, the elk stay in the yard and don’t eat the blueberry plants or play on the sawdust piles.

Thanks to Karen and Daniel, with some help from Gary, a large vegetable garden is taking shape. We hope to have some produce available for sale during our blueberry season.

We love to cook with our frozen blueberries throughout the year! Karen will be sharing some of our favorite recipes on the website. Today you can find her recipe for Morning Blueberry Muffins. Enjoy and remember to pick enough berries to freeze!

We look forward to another season with you,

Gary, Karen, Daniel

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