Full bloom

Full bloom

Full bloom often goes into June. The plants are changing from their red brown colors into a green and white mosaic. Not only are the colors changing but the plants come alive with the hum and buzz of thousands of bees. Bumble bees are the best pollinators and the most common bee that benefits our blueberries. There are also mason bees and carpenter bees and some honey bees that help out as well.

This month is mostly mowing, weed whacking the grass and horses tail while trying to get rid of the trailing blackberry, salmonberry and fire bush that grows very well in the rows! There are 2 maple trees that are just going to continue growing in the west field. We usually need to begin using our drip irrigation for the blueberries

We work in our garden areas, the apple orchard and along the trails and paths on the farm to keep busy. This year has also been a year to make jams, jellies and fruit pie fillings. Thanks to Dan and Jackie we have made and given to friends and family dozens of jars of these homemade delights.

Back to the blueberries. Mostly we just watch them grow from blossoms to berries.


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